#3183 Build non-scratch images using local kickstart file
Opened 8 months ago by geoargyr. Modified 4 days ago

I would like to be able to build non-scratch images in koji through a locally stored kickstart file.
As I see from documentation this is not offered.

Are you willing to change this?
What is the reason behind building non-scratch images from kickstart files that live ONLY in a remote Source Control Manager?

Hi, it is the same logic as for all other build types. E.g. you can build also rpm from uploaded srpm but most policies will forbid tagging such build anywhere near to end-product. Such build is not reproducible in a way "re-trigger same task without any additional input". Of course, we store such potentially uploaded kickstart, so it is not unimaginable.

So, it is technically possible, but nobody had a real use-case for that until now. @mikem anything to add?

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7 months ago

Pull Request 3271 provides a solution for this request: https://pagure.io/koji/pull-request/3271

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3 months ago

Simply cutting out the check is not a workable solution. Other build types that allow this give admins the option to control whether it is possible (e.g. build_from_srpm policy).

Unfortunately we have a lot of different build types with different code paths, so it would be good to give some thought toward the best way to make this consistent.

This case might give us something to think about in #3407

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