#2676 RFE: garbage collection for save_failed_tree jobs
Opened 2 years ago by kevin. Modified 6 days ago

We were considering enabling the save_failed_tree plugin in fedora, but it seems it has no garbage collection.

buildroots are large, so I think we don't want to enable this until there is some garbage collection of them possible.

Filing this RFE to get that on the radar.

@kevin It doesn't create any long-term content. It will just put the tarball to task directory. so, if you're running some cleaning script (e.g. koji-prune-work from koji-utils) for /mnt/koji/work directory it will be cleaned also.

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2 years ago

Ah yes, you are right... we don't use those scripts, but we do have a cron job that cleans up work.

I wonder if this would be better moved into koji-gc though?

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3 months ago

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6 days ago

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