#2437 koji 1.22 --extra-boot-args for livemedia doesn't work
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by tkopecek. Opened 2 years ago by kevin.

The Fedora Jam-KDE kickstart has:

#enable threaded irqs
bootloader --append="threadirqs"

But in koji we get:

INFO: Running in chroot: ['/sbin/livemedia-creator', '--ks', '/chroot_tmpdir/koji-image-f34-build-49281984.ks', '--logfile', '/chroot_tmpdir/lmc-logs/livemedia-out.log', '--no-virt', '--resultdir', '/chroot_tmpdir/lmc', '--project', 'Fedora-Jam_KDE-Live', '--make-iso', '--volid', 'Fedora-Jam-Live-rawh-20200814.n.', '--iso-only', '--iso-name', 'Fedora-Jam_KDE-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20200814.n.1.iso', '--releasever', 'Rawhide', '--macboot', '--extra-boot-args', '--append="threadirqs"']
Start: chroot ['/sbin/livemedia-creator', '--ks', '/chroot_tmpdir/koji-image-f34-build-49281984.ks', '--logfile', '/chroot_tmpdir/lmc-logs/livemedia-out.log', '--no-virt', '--resultdir', '/chroot_tmpdir/lmc', '--project', 'Fedora-Jam_KDE-Live', '--make-iso', '--volid', 'Fedora-Jam-Live-rawh-20200814.n.', '--iso-only', '--iso-name', 'Fedora-Jam_KDE-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20200814.n.1.iso', '--releasever', 'Rawhide', '--macboot', '--extra-boot-args', '--append="threadirqs"']
usage: livemedia-creator [-h]
                         (--make-iso | --make-disk | --make-fsimage | --make-appliance | --make-ami | --make-tar | --make-tar-disk | --make-pxe-live | --make-ostree-live | --make-oci | --make-vagrant)
                         [--iso ISO] [--iso-only] [--iso-name ISO_NAME]
                         [--ks KS] [--image-only] [--no-virt] [--proxy PROXY]
                         [--anaconda-arg ANACONDA_ARGS]
                         [--armplatform ARMPLATFORM] [--location LOCATION]
                         [--logfile LOGFILE]
                         [--lorax-templates LORAX_TEMPLATES] [--tmp TMP]
                         [--resultdir RESULT_DIR] [--macboot] [--nomacboot]
                         [--extra-boot-args EXTRA_BOOT_ARGS]
                         [--disk-image DISK_IMAGE] [--keep-image]
                         [--fs-image FS_IMAGE] [--image-name IMAGE_NAME]
                         [--tar-disk-name TAR_DISK_NAME] [--fs-label FS_LABEL]
                         [--image-size-align IMAGE_SIZE_ALIGN]
                         [--image-type IMAGE_TYPE] [--qemu-arg QEMU_ARGS]
                         [--qcow2] [--qcow2-arg QEMU_ARGS]
                         [--compression COMPRESSION]
                         [--compress-arg COMPRESS_ARGS] [--app-name APP_NAME]
                         [--app-template APP_TEMPLATE] [--app-file APP_FILE]
                         [--ram MEMORY] [--vcpus VCPUS] [--vnc VNC]
                         [--arch ARCH] [--kernel-args KERNEL_ARGS]
                         [--ovmf-path OVMF_PATH] [--virt-uefi] [--no-kvm]
                         [--with-rng WITH_RNG] [--dracut-conf DRACUT_CONF]
                         [--dracut-arg DRACUT_ARGS]
                         [--live-rootfs-size LIVE_ROOTFS_SIZE]
                         [--live-rootfs-keep-size] [--oci-config OCI_CONFIG]
                         [--oci-runtime OCI_RUNTIME]
                         [--vagrant-metadata VAGRANT_METADATA]
                         [--vagrantfile VAGRANTFILE] [--project PROJECT]
                         [--releasever RELEASEVER] [--volid VOLID]
                         [--squashfs-only] [--timeout TIMEOUT] [-V]
livemedia-creator: error: argument --extra-boot-args: expected one argument

Probibly need to escape that more so the entire thing with --s and "s passes?

Metadata Update from @tkopecek:
- Custom field Size adjusted to None
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.23
- Issue tagged with: bug

2 years ago

Is anybody looking at this? This is directly affecting the Jam spin.

Metadata Update from @tkopecek:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.22.1 (was: 1.23)

2 years ago

Ok, I've moved it to minor release. (I'll look at it)

Metadata Update from @jcupova:
- Issue tagged with: testing-ready

2 years ago

I hope this is good progress and we're looking at a 1.22.1 release soon. As I understand it, we just hit beta freeze and, due to this bug, I don't have an iso image to include in beta testing unless this can be a beta blocker.

Metadata Update from @jcupova:
- Issue tagged with: testing-done

2 years ago

We should have a release in about 1-2 weeks. (Just needs more testing).

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