#2285 RFE: use images from Koji in kojivmd
Opened 2 years ago by mikem. Modified 2 years ago

At present, the kojivmd daemon relies on having images locally on the builder.


This presents a few problems:

  • these images are not necessarily tracked in Koji, risking reproducibility
  • complicates new host deployments
  • possibility that different hosts have different images
  • storing all needed images can consume a lot of space on the windows builders

Instead, I'm proposing that kojivmd use images (only) from Koji. The images can be cached locally to save bandwidth, but we don't need every win builder to have every image at all times.

Further details to come.

In the current api, the name of the image to use is the first argument to the winBuild() hub call. This becomes the first argument to the winbuild task. The kojivmd daemon will clone the vm of this name using virt-manager.

I suggest that in the new system, this name maps to the package name for the image to use. The image to use would be the latest build for that package in the build tag. The kojivmd process would fetch this image (or used a cached copy) and then proceed as normal.

Metadata Update from @mikem:
- Custom field Size adjusted to None

2 years ago

Initially, we would provide a backwards compatibility option. If the given vm name does not match any package in the build tag, and this compat option is enabled, then kojivmd would fall back to the old behavior (using an untracked image from the local drive). Once the new way is established, we will deprecate that compat option.

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