#204 Koji can create disk images in livemedia-creator
Opened 3 years ago by acarter. Modified 11 months ago

This can only be done currently in appliance creator which is not well supported. Need to move disk image creation into Koji so that we can deprecate the use of appliance creator.

When can I get more detail on this request?

livemedia-creator can make different types of artifacts, we dropped making disk images initaially as it was not able to work in a chroot. phase one would be to replace appliance-creator tasks with livemedia-creator ones, and phase two would be to replace imagefactory tasks with livemedia-creator

I'm going to try to reimplement 'spin-appliance' command for the start.

livemedia-creator --make-appliance needs access to /dev/mapper. Support for this was cut out in #138

@adamwill Do you have any hint, how to combine these two requirements? Isn't it more creator's problem, that its usage in koji?

Well, a few options:

1) make lmc not need it any more
2) bind mount /dev/mapper in LiveMediaTask - this may be fine, since we think it was /dev/shm that caused all the problems
3) Create a new LiveMediaApplianceTask or whatever that bind mounts /dev/mapper (again, assuming that doesn't cause any similar anaconda hang-y problems)

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