#1870 a new API to get tag extra with / without inheritance
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by tkopecek. Opened 2 years ago by julian8628.

It would make more sense for users since extra is following inheritance when building

emm... the extra info can be exposed by getBuildConfig with inheritance.
This issue is not problem now.
But should extra info with inheritance be able to be exposed by taginfo cmd? (and arches)

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2 years ago

I needed to dig into tag extra data and ended up writing this script the other day. The key thing I needed to know was "which tag was this extra value getting inherited from?"


After some discussion, it's probably better to incorporate that functionality into the core tool.

It might sense to show this date in taginfo, though it could potentially grow to be complex. We don't follow inheritance for other data displayed there (e.g. we don't print the full inheritance tree). Note that taginfo doesn't currently take an --inherit/--no-inherit option.

As we move forward with this, getBuildConfig is probably misnamed, or perhaps just the wrong call.

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