#1843 noarch packages getting copied to repos explicitly excluded in ExclusiveArch
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For example, mnemosyne (a noarch package, following the "noarch package with unported dependencies" section of the Packaging Guidelines) has the following lines in its .spec file:

BuildArch:      noarch
ExclusiveArch:  noarch %{qt5_qtwebengine_arches}

This macro doesn't list the ppc64le and s390x architectures, since Qt5WebEngine isn't supported there. However, the mnemosyne package is still copied into the ppc64le and s390x repositories, which leads to an uninstallable mnemosyne package due to the missing python3-qt5-webengine.

PS: Sorry if this is a duplicate of another issue - I searched through them but there's no open issue containing "ExcludeArch" or "ExclusiveArch" in its title.

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@decathorpe Which target repositories are you talking about? Do you mean Fedora distro repos or some koji's buildroots, distrepos? Can you give me some link, so I can check, how they were generated?

For example, the built noarch package from wound up in the regular rawhide repositories (those produced by the rawhide compose) for ppc64le and s390x despite those not being included in ExclusiveArch:


The build is also tagged into the koji buildroot repositories for ppc64le and s390x (those at https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/repos/rawhide/latest/$basearch/).

So this affects both buildroot repos and composed repos.

This is likely a bug in pungi not koji

@lsedlar Does it make sense to move it to pungi tracker?

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