#1752 'koji list-pkgs --tag=x' returns bogus package ownership data in 1.19.0
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by tkopecek. Opened 2 years ago by jforaker.

After upgrading to 1.19.0, we found that listing the packages on a tag showed all of the packages being owned by only 1-2 random users, which was not at all accurate. Inspection of the SQL database however showed the underlying ownership data to be reasonable. Code inspection then revealed what appears to be a typo in readPackageList() introduced by the recent Kerberos support changes:

    q = """
    SELECT %(flist)s
    FROM tag_packages
    JOIN tag on tag.id = tag_packages.tag_id
    JOIN package ON package.id = tag_packages.package_id
    JOIN tag_package_owners ON
        tag_packages.tag_id = tag_package_owners.tag_id AND
        tag_packages.package_id = tag_packages.package_id
    JOIN users ON users.id = tag_package_owners.owner
    WHERE %(cond1)s AND %(cond2)s"""

tag_packages.package_id is being compared against itself, instead of against tag_package_owners.package_id.

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2 years ago

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