#1204 RFE: let users opt out of notifications
Closed: Fixed a year ago by mikem. Opened 2 years ago by mikem.

While the notification bits in Koji need a major overhaul, I think this smaller feature would be helpful and fairly easy to implement.

Currently, Koji provides two types of notifications: tag notifications (when a build is tagged) and build notifications (when a build completes or fails). The users that receive these are:

  • the build owner (the user who submitted the build)
  • the package owner within the given tag (for tag notifications)
  • any users that have subscribed to notifications based on matching package/tag/success_status

Users have some control in that they can subscribe to particular subsets of notifications, but the build owner and package owner are always added to the list. So this proposal is to add user-controlled options to opt in/out of:

  • build owner notifications: either per-package or all together
  • package owner notifications: per-package, per-tag, or all together

It may be that this can be unified with the existing build_notifications table, but it might need to be separated.

Tentatively marking this for 1.18, but it still bears some discussion.

I want to keep this simple for this pass, rather than inflating this into a full overhaul of notifications. Sure, we need to do that, but probably not in 1.18.

I've made a few fixes + tests into #1417.

Commit 916d03e fixes this issue

Commit e4c37df relates to this ticket

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