#1158 allow architecture override not only for scratch builds
Opened 3 years ago by vmaljulin. Modified 2 years ago

As an MBS developer, I want Koji to support architecture override for any builds so I could implement https://pagure.io/fm-orchestrator/issue/869 in MBS.
Now arch_override option could be used only with a scratch option.

I've discussed that with @mikem and the way to go is to allow Koji admins to use allow_override. This should be relatively easy to implement if I'm not mistaken.

This will work for MBS, because MBS is Koji admin anyway.

For normal cases, arches for rpm builds should be managed in the spec. This ensures such changes are better tracked and more deliberate. Building rpms for fewer arches than the target specifies is dangerous as it can break deps for future builds.

I'm ok with this as a limited access option.

Metadata Update from @mikem:
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3 years ago

MBS no longer needs admin access. How does that change this request?

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2 years ago

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