#1130 RFE: search results page should include search form with current search prefilled
Closed: Fixed 3 months ago by mikem. Opened 11 months ago by mikem.

Sometimes you need to adjust or refine your search. It would be much easier to do so if the search page included the search form pre-filled with the current search.

This would also make it clearer to users just what search they have performed, particularly if they are coming from the mini search form in the top bar.

See also: #1122

Metadata Update from @mikem:
- Issue set to the milestone: 1.18
- Issue tagged with: feature, usability

11 months ago

Example screenshot for my addendum to #1258 (posted here since Pagure doesn't seem to let me attach to PRs)

Metadata Update from @mikem:
- Custom field Size adjusted to None

3 months ago

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