#1032 RFE: in progress builds
Opened 4 years ago by dgregor. Modified a year ago

Currently, for non-scratch builds, the RPMs for the build are not easily available through the API until all of the architectures have completed and the build is finalized. Often, RPMs for some architecture are done well before the rest of the architectures are completed. For automated testing workflows, it would be useful to test those RPMs as soon as they are ready. My suggestion is to create an "in progress" build status and attach RPMs to the build as they complete. This wouldn't change the behavior of marking the build as failed if one of the remaining architectures fails to build.

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4 years ago

This would be incredibly useful for Mageia, as our ARM builds are several orders of magnitude slower than our x86_32 and x86_64 builds, so being able to grab builds as they become available for testing would be hugely valuable.

There is already BUILDING state. It effectively means splitting completBuild and importBuild to separate steps. It has uneasy implications (what's is the logic of pre/postImport in such case). @mikem suggestions?

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