#38 Update the username and password for fedora_submit.py
Opened 2 months ago by mythcat. Modified 2 months ago

Will be great if I can set the username and password with input and maybe keep encrypted into a file.
Is better to store into python script like this:

username = 'mythcat'
password = 'password'

This is the only way I can update log :

[mythcat@desk kernel-tests]$ python ./fedora_submit.py -l logs/kernel-test-1625598111.log.txt
Upload successful!

I think the bash and fedora_submit.py scripts can be improved because I add to the python script my username and password and this is the result:

[mythcat@desk kernel-tests]$ ./runtests.sh
Your log file is being submitted...
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./fedora_submit.py", line 6, in <module>
from fedora.client import OpenIdBaseClient
ImportError: No module named 'fedora'
The following information is not submitted with your log;
it is for informational purposes only.

I can make changes but I need access to the branch and commit.

You don't need access to the branch to create a pull request.

Are you agree to make the changes?

Well, obviously I am not going to agree to anything until I see the changes, but if the changes are a valid improvement, I am happy to merge them.

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