#34 Some issues with kerneltest live image
Opened 2 years ago by giardia. Modified 2 years ago

Running performance test using https://jforbes.fedorapeople.org/kerneltest-5.3.iso i noticed that the live image does not come with package libtirpc-devel installed, so the compilation terminate with fatal error, the problem is that the performance test exit with result PASS and report a passed test. This is a bug, imho, as it consider passed a test that was not executed.

After installing libtirpc-devel the compilation goes on, but later errors are encountered with /bin/sh: ../scripts/getlist: Permission denied /bin/sh: ../scripts/getsummary: Permission denied make: *** [Makefile:110: summary] Error 126

this because exec permissions where missing on those 2 files.

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