#32 CPU identification
Opened 2 years ago by tablepc. Modified 2 years ago

I've noticed in the logs that the CPU is not identified. It might be useful to capture the top level CPU ID in the log. The pax test has shown that some failures are CPU specific. So CPU ID might be helpful in analysis of the submitted logs.

We have been hesitant to capture any information more than is required, but you are right. Luckily, the pax test failure for AMD is very easy to identify right now, and know that it is the expected failure. What might be even better is to skip the test if running on such a CPU.

My concern with skipping the test is, as I understand it, the PAX test measures how good the random numbers are that the kernel generates using the CPU's resources. My guess is that the random numbers are very important for security. I'm also guessing from your comments so far that there is no good way to adapt the PAX test so it will properly run on an AMD CPU.

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