#3 Update to make use of python3-fedora
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Installing the prerequisite package python-fedora pulls in a fair number of python2-related packages on recent systems like Fedora 25 and Fedora 26. After noticing that a package python3-fedora exists, too, I have installed that one which only needs a few additional python3-related dependencies. After modifying fedora_submit.py accordingly, the default tests were performed as expected.
Please consider upgrading kernel-tests to using the more up-to-date python3-fedora, thanks.

@frieben Can you submit those changes as a pull request? I'm not the maintainer but I would like to clone your fork and use it. It might also help get the change accepted sooner.

See PR#21: Update fedora_submit.py to use python3{,-fedora} .

Looking over that pull request, the only python3-related change I can see is tweaking the shebang line in fedora_submit.py. Sure enough, I changed the shebang line on my master checkout, installed python3-fedora, and everything appears to work fine.

That was indeed all that was required as of yesterday to move to Python 3. I'm guessing there was a bit more required a year ago.

(I also added a newline at the end of the file, because I can't help myself.)

Yeah, declining that pull request, why did you rewrite almost the entire documentation? Also, that pull request breaks python2 compatibility unnecessarily. I don't mind changing the default path, but anything else is unnecessary.

I've toned down my neuroticism in PR#22 to just update the shebang of the submission script.

PR#22 was merged, so this can be closed ;)

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