#3 Split kernel packages following Fedora kernel packaging
Closed 9 months ago by rmnscnce. Opened 11 months ago by rmnscnce.

Split kernel-lqx into (metapackage "kernel-lqx}, core, modules, devel, and headers

Partially fixed in 2fee996 and 04bca8b

Partially fixed in 2fee996 and 04bca8b

Also, in my opinion the partial fix is better than the current kernel packaging scheme. The kernel metapackage is a redundancy that shouldn't even exist in the first place.

↑ This way of thinking is broken because no dkms packages will compile successfully. Apparently kernel-core is a must

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9 months ago

This has been fixed with build 2145783 (commit a8aa9b5)

Issue closed

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