#8 Issues with Fedora Silverblue
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I can't install kernel on Fedora Silverblue. Tried several ways. If I understood correctly, renaming packages from kernel- to kernel-fsync- can resolve the issue.

I am suggesting to split packages into two parts
1. Packages with kernel- names that does not contain kernel, but instead install kernel-fsync- packages
2. Packages with kernel-fsync- names, that are normal packages, containing kernel, that are currently appear as kernel*

I mean rename current packages from kernel- to kernel-fsync-, and add kernel- packages that install kernel-fsync- packages.

This can help not only to install kernel on Fedora Silverblue, but also manage kernel installation on other systems in more flexible way.

If you do this, I can also help with writing installation instructions for Fedora Silveblue.

Or at least make a copy of all packages in the same repo, that will have name kernel-fsync and will install as a separate kernel

I'm sorry if I misunderstood how packaging works, but I do really hope that I helped to understand the issue


kernel-fsync does not support Silverblue.

The package names is intentionally kept the same as with the Fedora kernel as it is intended as a drop-in replacement with full compatibility to it, as well as to make use of the existing dnf rules regarding the kernel packages.

Contributions are welcomed, as long as they do not bring any downsides to the Fedora version.

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