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The description states that the kernel has Asus patches (upstream), but not all of them made it to mainline for 6.1. There are some ROG Flow X13 specifics which stalled, but are very much still needed for this laptop to have working screen rotation and tablet mode detection.

In https://gitlab.com/asus-linux/fedora-kernel there are:
Which deal with screen rotation / tablet mode.

Also, there is 0004-​platform-​x86-​asus-​wmi-​Document-​the-​egpu_​enable-​sysfs.​patch which I presume is for enabling support for the eGPU.

Would it be possible to add these patches (back) to kernel-fsync? I have this laptop (without the eGPU though), so would be more than willing to test.

I've recently switched to kernel-fsync, and it's working brilliantly. Thank you for your work! :)

Oh, I had removed all the asus patches after being told all the important patches were upstreamed.

I'll see what patches asus-linux has that make sense to apply to kernel-fsync.

Thanks for the notice.

Okay, I did some checking
the 6.1 branch of the asus-linux fedora kernel (which is the one that is used for their latest builds) only contains Active State Power Management patches and the tablet patch with a few (seemingly unrelated) patches for general consumption.

I'll adopt those two and leave the rest out, since most of them are part of 6.2 (which is currently being tested, see Test Day) or already used in kernel-fsync.

Awesome, thank you so much. :)

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