#10 Asus ROG Flow X13 patches?
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I haven't used the tablet mode in a couple of weeks, but I have just tried to use it on the current 6.4.4-202.fsync.fc38.x86_64, and neither screen rotation, or keyboard lock worked.

Have the patches been removed, or is it just this an issue with this particular kernel version?


the Asus Linux patches were not removed but updated to the latest patches that were available.
It seems to me that their package sources aren't maintained, so I'm going to directly pull the patches from their kernel package and include them in the next kernel builds (6.4.6 and 6.4.7), lets hope this fixes it.

If it doesn't you can try the asus-kernel and if it doesn't work there either then you may need to get in contact with the asus-linux developers.

Thanks for the information. I'll do some more testing today.

So far, I've tried:

6.4.4-201.fsync.fc38.x86_64 - not working
6.3.12-202.fsync.fc38.x86_64 - working


I was about to switch to the asus-linux kernel, when the latest kernel-fsync update arrived.

6.4.7-201.fsync.fc38.x86_64 - not working


Switching to the asus-linux kernel, it seems the patches are broken there also.

6.4.7-202.rog.fc38.x86_64 - not working.

Please close this, and I'll raise an issue on their Gitlab. Thanks for a great kernel. :)

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