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  # Java Package Maintainers SIG


- This is the tracking project for the Java / Java Package Maintainers SIG.

+ This was the tracking project for the Java / Java Package Maintainers SIG.


- **NOTE**: The page for the [Java SIG](https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Java)

- on the fedoraproject Wiki is still outdated. Some of the valid information will

- probably be moved here. 


- ## Mailing List


- The old `java-devel` mailing list will continue to get used for general Java

- development on fedora, and the `java-maint-sig` list is associated with BugZilla

- and can be used for conversations internal to the SIG. 


- ## List of currently maintained packages


- The dynamically updated list of packages currently maintained by

- `@java-maint-sig` and its members is available on

- [src.fedoraproject.org](https://src.fedoraproject.org/group/java-maint-sig).


- ## Overview of current work items


- A kanban board for the Java SIG exists on the [fedora taiga instance][taiga].


- [taiga]: https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/java-package-maintainer-sig/kanban


- ## Procedure for adding new packages


- - check for the correct maven artifact coordinates (if applicable)

- - check libraries.io / maven central if package information is correct

- - check if the upstream project still exists, and check the latest version

- - set up [anitya](https://release-monitoring.org) for the package (if this was

-   not already done)

- - enable koschei builds for the package for all applicable Fedora releases

- - add the `@java-maint-sig` group with `admin` access

- - set BugZilla assignee overrides to `@java-maint-sig` (optional)

+ However, [the SIG no longer exists](https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2672).


+ Consider this repository a historical reference.

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