#10 [icon] Level numbers and color have different meaning than other extensions
Opened 3 months ago by polcak. Modified a month ago


thomzane reported:

Other related browser extensions use a number in a red box to indicate the number of problems or the number of domains that are blocked. JShelter uses the number to represent which level is currently in use on the given page.

We should consider making a change to this behavior for accessibility or UX reasons. Possible ways to change:

Change the color of the box to something that is not red.
The number could represent the number of APIs that are being modified on the page.

This issue was brought up to me on a private external discussion.

(1) uBlock Origin seems to use black background.
(2) A user can define own levels that do not use numbers so there might also be letters.
(3) Replacing the level number with the number of APIs being modified does not make sense to me.

That being said. We are redesigning the UI. While JShelter does not know the number of modified calls right now, it should know the number in the future. So for 0.6 we will probably display the number of modified calls. However, there is a room for only 3 symbols in the box. The question is, what do we do with 1000 blocked calls? Another question is how many calls a typical web page modifies, I would say that it will be high but I do not know how much.

For 0.5, we might consider renaming the levels.

  • Level 0 could become OFF. However, given the feedback, users are confused that currently NBS is not a part of the level, so it might be confusing that OFF could mean an active NBS,
  • Level 1 could become "m" meaning minimal.
  • Level 2 could become "R" meaning Recommended.
  • Level 3 could become "H" meaning High.

When we rename the levels, we risk that we break user-defined levels with the new names.

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