This is a small program that checks for fedora updates from the updates-testing repository that are installed on the current system, and creates a click-able desktop notification (via the D-Bus interface for notifications) that takes the use to a page in the bodhi web interface where they can leave feedback for these updates.

This program could be automated to run at regular intervals - for example, with an autostart entry to run at login, or with a systemd user session (timer) unit.


The program assumes that the dnf and rpm binaries are present on the system (which is probably a reasonable assumption for a CLI tool targeted at fedora users).

It also expects the FAS username of the current user being stored in a configuration file at ~/.config/fedora.toml, with these contents:

username = "FAS_USERNAME"

interests = ["package1", "package2"]

This value is used to filter out updates that the user themselves has submitted, or has already commented on.


To compile the program, first install cargo and dbus-devel.

Download the sources, and easily build and install the binary for yourself:

$ git clone
$ cd fedora-update-notifier
$ cargo install --path .


The compiled program is located in ~/.cargo/bin. To be able to run it with ease, add $HOME/.cargo/bin to your $PATH, e.g. by editing ~/.bash_profile.

Without that, use the following to run the app:

$ ~/.cargo/bin/fedora-update-notifier --help