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MIT kerberos 5 credentials cache collections utilities (python to rust port)
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Fabio Valentini committed 6 months ago

Kerberos 5 Credentials Cache Collection Utilities

This package is a rough rust port of the cccolutils python package.

The C part is inspired by the CPython extension from this python package, with some adaptations and fixes for all the memory leaks I could find (using valgrind with a small C test program, and the leak sanitizer from nightly rust for the rust code).

The available API is currently limited to the following three functions:

  • fn get_username_for_realm(realm: String) -> Result<Option<String>, String>: determine the username of the authenticated user for a given realm
  • fn has_credentials() -> bool: determine if there are any active authentication tickets for any realm
  • fn has_credentials_for_realm(realm: String) -> Result<bool, String>: determine if there is an authenticated user for the given realm

The style of the C code is enforced with the uncrustify configuration in this directory.