#64 How to join Fedora i18n channel on Matrix server?
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I am looking for a steps to use to join the #fedora-i18n IRC channel using Fedora's Matrix server. Please help me here to join this channel.

Let me tell first what I am doing for this
1) Open firefox browser
2) Open URL https://chat.fedoraproject.org/
3) Login using FAS
4) Click on left side Fedora logo
5) click for "Explorer room"
6) Search for i18n word
nothing comes as result
I can see many other Fedora channels to join but not "Fedora i18n"
I think its set as requested in ticket #52 by @kevin

:( I thought I had fixed all these, but I guess not.

Do you know anyone still in that room? can they invite @kevin:fedoraproject.org to the room?

The invite button is disabled for me in https://matrix.to/#/#i18n:fedoraproject.org

Another (related?) issue is that I can't see people joining #fedora-i18n from chat.fedoraproject.org in the matrix room - seems they are split?

ok. I had to make a new room and have the element folks free up the alias. ;(

But hopefully everything should be back in shape now... Sorry for the issue.

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2 months ago

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