#63 #python:fedoraproject.org cannot be joined from the matrix.org homeserver
Closed 2 months ago by kevin. Opened 2 months ago by gotmax23.

#python:fedoraproject.org does not show up in the fedoraproject.org room directory when accessed through the matrix.org homeserver and cannot even be joined by directly typing in the URL (https://matrix.to/#/#python:fedoraproject.org). See below for the error message when I try to do the later.

Element error message

CC @kevin who handled https://pagure.io/irc/issue/54

Ugh. Yeah, this was before I knew we needed to keep a @fedoraproject.org account in the rooms to keep the server knowing about it. ;(

@churchyard if you are in that room, can you invite '@kevin:fedoraproject.org' to it?

Or if you are not, can you find someone who is?

As soon as that admin account is in the room it should reappear in the directory. ;(

It looks like it shows up in the fedora.im room directory, but I still get the same error message when I try to join it.

Invited @kevin:fedoraproject.org

Thanks. Can you now look and confirm that it shows up in the fedoraproject.org directory and fedora space?

It shows up in the fedoraproject.org directory, and I was able to join successfully. Where is the Fedora space? I didn't know we had one.

I am really not sure how to search spaces. ;(


is a invite link.

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2 months ago

appservice removed kevins fedora.im account - use nirik@matrix.scrye.com instead: You have been kicked for being idle

Unfortunately, I cannot reopen this ticket.

Ok, that is another account, @kevin:fedoraproject.org is still in. Sorry about the noise.

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