#62 Matrix room request for Fedora Francophone
Closed 5 months ago by kevin. Opened 5 months ago by darknao.

Can we please get a Matrix room named Fedora Francophone (French speakers), in The Earth category, with a bridge to #fedora-fr on libera.chat ?
The Matrix alias would be fr:fedoraproject.org, if that's possible.
I think nb & nirik are already op there.



If you would like to add some moderators to set icon and topic and moderate things, please let us know.

Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

5 months ago

Thanks kevin.

I just noticed that the channel name is currently "Fedora France" (which may sound like it's limited to the country) instead of "Fedora Francophone" (for all French speakers, regardless of their country).
Is it still possible to have it renamed?

Changed. ;)

Should I make you (or any others) moderators? I think you can change this and top and such as moderator...

And yeah you can make me moderator.

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