#61 Matrix channel and bridge request for #fedora-security IRC channel
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Pretty self explanatory from the title. The security team docs point to IRC, so it'd be helpful for those of us on Matrix to also be able to join.


Let us know if you would like any folks made moderators...

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5 months ago

Thanks Kevin. Im not part of the team yet (I plan on joining), and IDK if anyone else on the team will be joining once the matrix channel is up and bridged, so for right now I dont feel right suggesting anyone, and since im not part of the team yet, I dont feel right asking to me a mod myself yet.
So I guess just have people who are regularly active in the fedora matrix have mod perms, so if there is an issue on the matrix side there is someone who can step in.

I'm running into being autokicked... which I assume is from the Libera side

Yeah, the channel is set to require irc registration.

See https://kparal.wordpress.com/2021/06/01/connecting-to-libera-chat-through-matrix/ for a process to register on irc from the matrix side... if you do that it should let you in.

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