#48 Matrix room request for Fedora Flatpaks
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I'm not sure this is the correct approach (but I could be wrong and it might be :)

The problem here is we need the folks who actually know a lot about fedora flatpak's to join or know that the new channel exists...

I think the two people who really know this area are @kalev and @otaylor

Perhaps we can ask them if they would hang out in such a room, or would prefer flatpak questions in the main devel room (which I think would be completely on topic there).

I don't have a strong feeling here.

  • Pro: it would make sure that people who are interested see questions (based on this question, I added flatpak/flatpaks to my Matrix keywords - previously there about a 1% chance I'd have seen a question on Fedora Devel).
  • Pro: it makes it clear where to ask questions (Fedora Devel, Fedora Workstation, Silverblue)?
  • Pro: people can join and search history. (I think? Can you see history before you've ever joined a channel?)
  • Con: having a server with lots of quiet channels is not inviting to newcomers. It feels like coming into a house, and opening doors, and finding lots of empty, dusty rooms.
  • Con: having separate channels doesn't let people see the activity and learn from it easily.

While having a separate channel would be easier for me, based on current discussion levels I'd suggest that we say that Fedora Workstation is the standard place to discuss Fedora Flatpaks and see how that goes. If that gets annoying, we can reopen this request.

No problem, and thanks for the quick response everyone!

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