#43 Set up matrix-IRC bridge for #packit
Closed 8 months ago by kevin. Opened 9 months ago by csomh.


Please set up a matrix-IRC bridge between #packit:fedora.im and #packit:libera.chat. Ping me (csomh) in both of the places if you need additional permissions.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, any idea when this could be done? :-)

Sorry for the delay here.

In order to bridge the two I will need to be added on the irc channel side:

/msg chanserv flags nirik +AFRefiorstv

If you could also add @nb that would be great.

On the matrix side you need to make me an admin.

Let me know if you need more info or anything on that. Once we have that, @nb or I can setup the bridge.


Hey @kevin,

No problem at all :-)

I've run the chanserv command, here is the output:

>chanserv< flags nirik +AFRefiorstv
-ChanServ- nirik is not registered.
>chanserv< flags nb +AFRefiorstv
-ChanServ- nb is not registered.

I'm not an IRC-expert, so I'm not sure if it worked or didn't. Let me know.

I've made you an admin in #packit:fedora.im.

Oops... that should be:

/msg chanserv flags #packit nirik +AFRefiorstv

forgot the channel there. Sorry about that.

Done :-)

>chanserv< flags #packit nirik +AFRefiorstv
-ChanServ- Flags +AFRefiorstv were set on nirik in #packit.
>chanserv< flags #packit nb +AFRefiorstv
-ChanServ- Flags +AFRefiorstv were set on nb in #packit.

So, this is now finally done, but it's acting a bit off. The bridge is there and new irc users show up on the matrix slide, but old ones don't seem to... but slowly over time all the irc users are appearing.

Lets close this for now, and if the bridge doesn't behave after the holidays we can ask the bridge folks to investigate more.

Metadata Update from @kevin:
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

8 months ago

I've found another bridge with similar behavior. Going to put in a support ticket to matrix folks about it.

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