#41 Cloak request: @rit/foss/alum/fedora.jflory7
Closed 9 months ago by jflory7. Opened 10 months ago by jflory7.

I am requesting a dual-cloak on LiberaChat. This requires a Fedora group contact on Libera to confirm the cloak with Fedora. On Freenode, my IRC cloak was @rit/foss/alum/fedora.jflory7. I want to set this up again on Libera, but a Libera staffer (jose) noted that I need consent from a Fedora group contact to request the dual-cloak.

The RIT portion of the cloak is already set, but I need confirmation on the Fedora part of the cloak. My NickServ username is jwf.

Thank you!

[15:38:39] <nirik> hey folks. Want to give the OK from the fedora GC side for a dual-cloak request from user jwf ( see https://pagure.io/irc/issue/41 )

Not sure who I need to tell, but that was in #libera-communities... will keep this open until it's complete by them.

Thank you, the cloak is now granted! Closing this ticket.

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9 months ago

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