#39 Request: Matrix <-> IRC bridge for #fedora-br
Closed 11 months ago by kevin. Opened 11 months ago by farribeiro.

Hello folks,

Guided by @nb he asked to open a ticket to request both the integration and the alias for the channel I'm operator, I created the room for the channel and first I need the integration (aka appservice) in the room

And I would like the alias #pt-br:fedoraproject.org for this integration

Additional info: the room MXID is !XBAZtNmiATMpbOzlIF:fedora.im

Best Regards

Can you make me and nb admins there? Thanks!

Or actually, perhaps it's best to make us admins in the old/existing room thats still bridged to freenode?
We can then ask the bridge to freenode be dropped and just add a bridge to libera... that might be nicer on everyone if we can do it that way.

the integration with freenode does not exist, it is a new integration. this room we used was a portal, offered by matrix.org just like in libera.chat

Currently the channel is on libera.chat and using a portal to the matrix, on MXID !sWXfKqoptycjmEcsEs:libera.chat

If you want to use the room/portal that freenode was, the MXID !IlbxlXDJLiYPmiRSbX:matrix.org

Additional info: the room MXID is !XBAZtNmiATMpbOzlIF:fedora.im

I add the guys what entered in the room as admin

Ah I see... the old room I was seeing was the freenode bridge.

Anyhow, The bridge should be added now... although it's slow in joining people in. :(

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