#29 Batch request: +AROfiorstv to jwf for TeleIRC bridges
Opened a year ago by jflory7. Modified 5 months ago

Hi, I am requesting the following channels to be registered as new IRC channels and requesting +AFROfiorstv flags specifically. I would like operator privileges in order to finish setting up the TeleIRC bridges:

  • #fedora-ama
  • #fedora-ec
  • #fedora-ml
  • #fedora-sq
  • #fedora-teleirc

Can you confirm what your registered irc account is on libera.chat?

I setup all the channels, but still to do is adding you (once we know your irc nick) and adding +b $j:#fedora-bans

@kevin Apologies! My Libera NickServ username is jwf. But I think it is best if @tjzabel chimes in here as well, since he has helped with the TeleIRC bridges to date. I believe his NickServ username is tjzabel but he can confirm.

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