#27 Help to set up #fedora-golang
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The #fedora-golang Freenode IRC channel needs to be migrated over to Libera Chat. There is not many people right now but I intend to announce the migration in the go-sig mailing list.

Could you also bring zodbot on them for our future Go-sig meetings on #fedora-golang?

I don't know much about administering an IRC channel, do you know where I can find help regarding this.

ok, the channel is all setup. You should have privs on it.

libera has some docs: https://libera.chat/guides/channelmodes and https://libera.chat/guidelines

Mostly you will be doing /msg chanserv op #fedora-golang eclipso (and 'deop') to adjust /topic and such.

We can add zodbot, but i would strongly urge you to hold meetings in the #fedora-meeting channels. This has a number of advantages:
People who idle in those channels may see something your meeting is talking about and find it interesting and chime in.
People can see your sig/group is actually active and holding meetings at all.
If there's non meeting discussion going on in your channel, it can keep going on since the meeting is now seperate.

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