#341 Serialize amr claim in token only once
Closed a year ago by ngompa. Opened a year ago by astepano.
astepano/ipsilon amr_claim  into  master

@@ -503,7 +503,7 @@ 

              if 'nonce' in request:

                  id_token['nonce'] = request['nonce']

              id_token['acr'] = '0'

-             id_token['amr'] = json.dumps([])

+             id_token['amr'] = []

              id_token['azp'] = request['client_id']


              if 'code' in response:

amr claim must be JSON array of strings that are identifiers for authentication
methods used in the authentication.

@astepano I have #340 already open for this, it seems like the same PR?

@ngompa right :-D Oh! cool! Please merge one of them!

I just merged #340. I'll make a new snapshot build of Ipsilon containing that change momentarily.

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a year ago