#32 Ensure saml_auth is a subpath of saml_base
Merged 6 years ago by puiterwijk. Opened 6 years ago by rcritten.
rcritten/ipsilon saml_auth  into  master

@@ -419,6 +419,11 @@ 

      if not args['saml_sp'].startswith(args['saml_base']):

          raise ValueError('--saml-sp must be a subpath of --saml-base.')


+     # The samle_auth setting must be a subpath of saml_base otherwis

+     # the IdP cannot be identified by mod_auth_mellon.

+     if not args['saml_auth'].startswith(args['saml_base']):

+         raise ValueError('--saml-auth must be a subpath of --saml-base.')


      # The saml_sp_logout, saml_sp_post and saml_sp_paos settings must

      # be subpaths of saml_sp (the mellon endpoint).

      path_args = {'saml_sp_logout': 'logout',

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