#281 Correctly process missing refreshable_until token info
Merged 4 years ago by puiterwijk. Opened 4 years ago by puiterwijk.
puiterwijk/ipsilon issue-264  into  master

@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ 

          if not token['refreshable']:

              return None


-         if token['refreshable_until'] and \

+         if token.get('refreshable_until') and \

                  token['refreshable_until'] >= int(time.time()):

              return None


If refreshable_until=None, it ends up not getting stored in the token
information table.
This will make sure we will correctly interpret that as "no expiry".

Fixes: #264
Signed-off-by: Patrick Uiterwijk puiterwijk@redhat.com

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