#112 Add ipsilon.authz package to setup.py and contrib specfile
Closed 4 years ago by puiterwijk. Opened 4 years ago by merlinthp.
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@@ -317,6 +317,7 @@ 

  %files base



+ %{python2_sitelib}/ipsilon/authz



  %dir %{python2_sitelib}/ipsilon/login

file modified
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ 




+                 'ipsilon.authz',

                  'ipsilon.tools', 'ipsilon.helpers',

                  'tests', 'tests.helpers'],

      data_files = [('share/man/man7', ['man/ipsilon.7']),

Previous authz commit didn't add ipsilon.authz to setup.py, so the
modules weren't built/installed.

Signed-off-by: Howard Johnson merlin@merlinthp.org

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  • Add authz code to contrib spec file
4 years ago

This has been merged, thanks.

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