#78 The --info-sssd yes does not configure sssd.conf unless --info-sssd-domain is used
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When I run

# ipsilon-server-install --info-sssd yes

it does not modify the sssd.conf in any way. You need to specify --info-sssd-domain example.com as well to make the installer configure ifp in sssd.conf.

If --info-sssd-domain is mandatory for --info-sssd to work, the installer should fail stating so.

But even better would be if it just configured all domains that it can find.

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Currently the installer spits out "Configuration of info provider sssd failed"

I'll see about enhancing the installer to make it possible to validate arguments and kill the installation process rather than being limited to printing messages.

I'll also consider the "all domains by default" and make info-sssd-domain a list instead so if one only wants certain domains configured they can pass it more than once.

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Started this change by creating a mechanism to do validation when I ended up not using, but it will be useful in the future.

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