#74 Redirect to SP does not occur when multiple login plugins are enabled
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by nkinder.

If both the 'krb' and 'form' login plugins are enabled with 'krb' at the top of the stack, form-based login will not redirect to the SP after login. The login itself is successful, but the browser remains at Ipsilon's "Welcome!" page. At this point, you can navigate back to the SP manually, and the redirect will occur properly using the existing session.

If the 'krb' login plugin is disabled, the redirect to the SP works properly.

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milestone: => 1.0 m3
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This happened because LoginManager auth_failure did not pass the transaction ID to the redirect to the next authentication module.

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A patch is available in my repo, krb-ses branch.

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owner: puiterwijk => simo

Fixed in: e0aa4f2

resolution: => fixed
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There is still one case where a failed negotiate causes the transaction to be lost

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Fixed in: 078942b

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7 years ago

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