#69 Handle expired passwords
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I had installed Ipsilon with --ipa. The IPA admin user password had expired and needed to be reset but all I got from Ipsilon was an authentication failure.

That's a good start! I'm not sure if it is also getting the password expiration information as well. If it is it would be nice to display it.

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This is easy to reproduce with IPA as the identity backend since it starts with expired passwords:

$ ipa user-add --first=Ted --last=User tuser1 --password

Set the password to something memorable.

Now try to log into Ipsilon using the auth form. The password starts as expired in IPA so will be rejected. You should see a PAM error that the auth token is expired.

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The message is still lost if you log in via an SP. I guess I tested direct IdP logins.

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Fix for propogating error messages back to SP via the transaction store


Handle error messages for SP login as well.

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