#64 Track down remaining logout issues
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During logout testing there were times where the logout would fail because the SP sent a logout request for a session that the IdP did not know about.

This was generally reproducable by doing this:

log in to SP A
hit secured page of SP B, should be logged-in automaticallyu

logout of B
A should be logged out as well

Log back into A
hit B again, logged in no auth

Log out of A

It is unclear whether this is an issue with the IdP or with mod_auth_mellon. It seemed like the SP was losing the new login session id though. When it would fail and I was attached to the SP using gdb and I watched as logout compared sessions, the session on the SP side had an identifier I'd never seen before.

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Save existing session IDs to pass along to log out when a new session for an existing user is received:

master: c84eaa4

lasso needs to be updated to 2.4.1 in Fedora to address crash issues. It is built in koji but no package release has been done yet.

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lasso built for f20, f21, f22 and rawhide.

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