#61 Ipsilon sends empty AttributeStatement, violates specification
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by jdennis.

The saml-core-2.0-os specification section 2.7.3 (page 29) requires the <AttributeStatement> element contain one or more <Attribute> or <EncryptedAttribute> elements.

But in ipsilon/providers/saml2/auth.py in saml2checks no test is performed to check if there are any attributes before the AttributeStatement is inserted, this can result in an empty <AttributeStatement> element.

Shibboleth checks for this and emits errors when it encounters an empty <AttributeStatement> element.

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Patch is available in my fedorahosted ipsilon git repo in the topic branch: non-empty-attrs

Essentially the patch just moves the creation of the AttributeStatement and it's population inside an if test that checks for an empty attributes dict.

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New patch submitted with changes requested by Simo.

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