#53 Create cute landing page that apologize in case of errors
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Some providers may have failure modes that leave the user stranded at the IdP.
We should redirect these users to a cute landing page that apologzes for the inconvenience, tells them which server (SP, upstgream login, etc) caused the error, and have a customizable text on who to contact to get help.

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This is primarily intended for 400 errors, though perhaps 500 would go here as well.

Ideally there would be links to help guide the user back to their application.

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I think this is somewhat already done. There are customizable error handlers and templates for 400, 401, 404 and 500 errors. Unfortunately the cherrypy error handler is limited to just status, message and traceback so I don't see a way to pass a ton more information into the error handling page.

The current limitation is that each error type will show just the message that was raised. I think this may need to be handled at a lower level. Each raised message needs to include more descriptive information. And doing so one may lose some amount of customization (e.g. per-SP admin contacts).

More information may be doable via a helper which cobbles together as much info about a given error as it can and then raises the 4xx exception.

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