#47 ipa ipsilion-server-install option fails ungracefully if ipa client/server version mismatch
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I'm not sure what to do about this in ipsilon but it's an ugly problem that seems rooted in ipa problems.

Let's say you've got an existing IPA server. Now you want to deploy ipsilon on another node and use IPA as one of your IdP's, a very common scenario I would expect. So on the new node hosting ipsilon you install the freeipa-client and freeipa-admintools and run ipsilon-server-install --ipa ...

There is an excellent chance the ipsilion server install will fail ungracefully. Why? Because on the new ipsilon node you've got a more recent version of the ipa packages and trying to run the ipa command line tools often errors out with things like:

ipa: ERROR: 2.109 client incompatible with 2.65 server at xxx

Then ipsilon-server-install aborts.

If we can't get the ipa client tools fixed then at least we should gracefully recover and continue the ipsilon installation and provide guidance on how to fix the installation.

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Use the IPA api directly rather than forking out to the IPA tool so we have control over the version.

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