#46 need admin command line tool to prevent admin lockout on web GUI
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If the login plugin that services your admin account is not functioning or you make a mistake when providing configuration parameters to ipsilon-server-install the admin can get locked out. To remedy either of these problems one needs to adjust the configuration of the ipsilon server which are stored in sqlite databases. However currently the only way you can easily edit those databases to fix the problem is to log on the web administration page as the admin.

But what if you can't login as the admin? You're screwed, it's a chicken-n-egg problem.

There should be a command line tool which can adjust the configuration parameters that does not depend upon logging onto the web GUI. The tool should allow you to query and set any of the configuration options.

Not only would this solve the problem of an administrator who is locked out but such a command line tool would be very useful for deploying and configuring ipsilon either by an admin or via scripts (e.g. puppet).

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We should use the forthcoming login stacks feature to have a fixed stack for the super-admin user that is always available.

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