#4 Support SAML CLI interactions aka Enhanced Client Profile (ECP)
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Enhanced Client Profile (ECP) extensions to SAML are required in order to make SAML a viable option for CLI and automated usage.


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component: provider plugins => SAML

Also see #30 which is a dup.

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summary: Support SAML CLI interactions => Support SAML CLI interactions aka Enhanced Client Profile (ECP)

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The Ipsilon patch is ready for review. It is in my fedoraproject repo in the 'ecp' branch, it is the HEAD of that branch.

The functionality of the patch depends on fixes to the lasso library (anticipating version 2.4.2) and mod_auth_mellon. These new packages are available for testing.

patch_available: 0 => 1

master: be55bdf

The ipsilon side is pushed. Still waiting for upstream acceptance of lasso, then mod_auth_mellon. This code should be independent of upstream work.

This ticket will be used to update the spec file. From the Ipsilon side the ECP code is ready, just waiting on upstream to accept John's patches. See ticket https://fedorahosted.org/ipsilon/ticket/139

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