#330 Is /doc/design.txt still up to date?
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago by ngompa. Opened 2 years ago by sudoman.

The following file is mostly 6 years old:


Is information about the lack of a feature to query and share identifying information still accurate? (I presume that this is a reference to user attributes).


I assume you're referring to this part?

Identity information will be provided in future by pluggable identity
modules. However the most basic implementation will only use authentication
from external sources but will allow users to augment the information
provided to third parties by directly adding the information to thorugh the
IdP's own database.

I believe this information is already available via our info plugins (such as infosssd and infoldap modules).

We definitely provide the ability to expose specific attributes as OpenID extensions.

@simo could clarify here, but I think we do provide this capability now.

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2 years ago

Right Neal,
i guess we did not update this text when we started providing such plugins.
I would still like to make sure people to not mistake ipsilon for a full Identity Provider in the Identity Management sense, but it can definitely provide the information through these days.

@simo Could you send a PR to update what the design doc should say?

This should be fixed now, thanks to @simo in 73af591

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