#265 FreeIPA 4.5 breaks Ipsilion installation
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by cheimes.

FreeIPA 4.5 is going to break Ipsilon's FreeIPA integration. I tested Ipsilon 2.0 with latest FreeIPA dev version on Fedora 25:

# rpm -qa ipsilon freeipa-server

Install log

[2017-02-23 19:05:20,235] Handling sessions datastore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,235] Not SQL-based, skipping
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,235] Handling default datastore UserStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,235] Considering datastore UserStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,346] Initializing schema for UserStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,590] Handling default datastore TranStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,590] Considering datastore TranStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,696] Initializing schema for TranStore
[2017-02-23 19:05:20,910] Configuring environment helpers
[2017-02-23 19:05:21,023] IPA tools installation found: ['module' object has no attribute 'init_config']
[2017-02-23 19:05:21,024] No IPA installation found!
[2017-02-23 19:05:21,024] No IPA installation found!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/sbin/ipsilon-server-install", line 522, in <module>
    install(fplugins, opts)
  File "/sbin/ipsilon-server-install", line 192, in install
    if plugin.configure_server(args, plugin_changes) == False:
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipsilon/helpers/ipa.py", line 176, in configure_server
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ipsilon/helpers/ipa.py", line 68, in conf_init
    raise Exception('No IPA installation found!')
Exception: No IPA installation found!
[2017-02-23 19:05:21,024] Installation aborted.

It looks like this snippet does no longer work as expected because the feature was removed in https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/commit/7b966e8577fdb56f069cf26a6ab4d6c77b8743b9

        # Get config vars from ipa file
            from ipapython import config as ipaconfig

            self.realm = ipaconfig.config.get_realm()
            self.domain = ipaconfig.config.get_domain()
            self.server = ipaconfig.config.get_server()

        except Exception, e:  # pylint: disable=broad-except
            logger.info('IPA tools installation found: [%s]', e)

Thanks for the report here and at freeipa!
I'm planning to wait to see what the freeipa folks say before making any commits to fix this.

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5 years ago

We decided to re-add a simplified version of IPAConfig. PR is WIP, https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/515

This has been fixed in IPA upstream before the 4.5 release.
Thanks @cheimes for taking care of that!

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5 years ago

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