#233 Pgsql schema update.
Opened 7 years ago by volga629. Modified 7 years ago

Hello Everyone,
I would like place request update pgsql schema to use pgcrypto generated PRIMARY KEY to help use it with BDR replication.

Please see attached updated schema which I use for BDR.

Here are example of table after modification.

 ipsilon_prod01=# SELECT * FROM provider_config;
         provider_config_uuid         |  name  |        option         |                                             value                                              
 2febf6a8-e3b2-4426-9acb-b6d93fffc043 | saml2  | idp metadata file     | metadata.xml
 99d3fe7a-1bdc-4eb5-a035-250b634c1bda | saml2  | idp storage path      | /var/lib/ipsilon/idp/saml2
 18422d19-f470-401a-8613-89a5bff36eef | global | enabled               | openid,saml2

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